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History of the SOA.

The Sheriff's Office Association was established on May 9, 1951 with James Moudakas as the first President. The purpose of the Association was and continues to be to aid a distressed member, his or her dependent, a member's widow or widower or his or her orphaned children. Officers of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Association are elected by majority and secret ballot.



Why should you become a member of the Sheriff's Office Association?

    • Insurance Benefits - Life Insurance Policy
    • $20,000 for Active SOA members
    • $10,000 for Retired SOA members

To honor our retirees, the Association hosts the Retirement Dinner & Dance. This is a special opportunity for new members to meet retirees of the Sheriff's Office. There is a nominal fee for both members and guests. Retirees who are members of the Association that are being honored are free.

In late September, the Association hosts a BBQ with events and activities for the kids as well as the adults. Members are free and there is a nominal fee for guests.

In December, the Association holds its Annual Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. There is a special appearance from Santa Claus who brings gifts for the children.

There is a biweekly automatic payroll deduction of $11.00.

To become a member, complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form and the Insurance Enrollment Form and return to:

Carol Hurst, SOA Secretary
Pony: SHF112-INV