Donate to the Sheriff's Office Association

The Sheriff’s Office Association is a private, 501(c)(4) non-profit charitable organization for San Mateo County Sheriffs Office, Coroners Office, Public Safety Communications employees, along with District Attorneys Office Inspectors and Investigators.  Established on May 9, 1951, our charitable activities includes both Member and Public Benefit Programs.

  • We accept non-tax deductible donations through Square for Operational Cost and Member Benefit Programs.
  • Tax-deductible donations designated for SMC SOA Public Benefit Programs can be donated  through the PayPal Giving Fund link on our website.

   Thank you for supporting the SOA


Donations designated for this purpose are use to defray our operational costs, which may include website costs, postage, printing and the similar costs that we use to maintain the operation of our charity.

Donations designated for this purpose are use to defray our member benefit costs, which may include those for our annual dinner to honor our retiring members, memorial retirement gifts, our holiday event when we designate time for Santa to visit our youngest children who members might not be able to spend the holiday with due to work schedules, and similar member benefit programs.

Our charitable activities include public benefit programs. A donation through the PayPal Giving Fund is automatically designated for public benefit through SMC SOA Programs.

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